The Succession Fund: private equity financing for succession transactions, management buyouts, and shareholders looking for partial liquidity or wanting to “take chips off the table

The Succession Fund™ purchases shares from shareholders that are looking for liquidity and want to take "Chips off the Table".

  • The Succession Fund looks for companies that are able to self-finance their operations, but require capital to meet shareholder liquidity objectives.

How to sell a buisiness As seen on CNBC

The Succession Fund will invest in closely-held small and medium sized businesses by purchasing shares from shareholders that want to take "Chips off the Table". This refers to any situation where a solution is required for shareholders that want to sell some or all of their shares without disruption to their business.

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The Succession Fund typically partners with continuing owner-managers who do not want to put their business up for sale prematurely, and who are reluctant to use significant leverage to accomplish their shareholder realignment objectives. Such transactions can arise as a result of disputes among partners or family members, or because of estate retirement and succession planning, ownership transition issues, generational conflict or management differences. We purchase shares (representing from 35% to 50% ownership) in secondary transactions from departing shareholders, or those seeking partial liquidity as part of a staged exit.

What sets us apart?

The Succession Fund takes the attitude that you know your business best. We do not want to run your company. What we do want - like you - is to create value. We can help you do this by providing access to capital, contacts and strategic opportunities, allowing you to grow your business without relying on debt. Our team will work with management, providing assistance as needed, and on a basis that is supportive and in the best interest of all shareholders.

We understand that when seeking exploring liquidity alternatives, business owners are often facing an emotional decision as much as a financial one. We ask these entrepreneurs what their objectives are, listen to the answers, and then develop a tailored private equity solution.

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Our success requires developing empathy for, and trust in, our partners. This has been and always will be our guiding principle. It is right. It aligns interests and objectives. And it creates value.

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The Shotgun Fund

To discuss how we can help, please contact Larry Klar.

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