The Succession Fund: private equity financing for succession transactions, management buyouts, and shareholders looking for partial liquidity or wanting to “take chips off the table

Larry Klar joins Argosy Partners

Larry Klar joins Argosy Partners

News Release, February 2006

Larry Klar, CBV, has joined Argosy Partners as Managing Partner of The Succession Fund™.  Larry was Senior Vice President of Canadian General Capital from 1992 through the wind up of CGC in 2005.  He is an accomplished and well-known professional in the Canadian mid-market private equity business.

The Succession Fund™ provides equity financing for family business ownership change, management buyouts and entrepreneurs who want to take some “chips off the table”.  The Fund partners with continuing owner-managers, and then provides on-going strategic assistance to help create further substantial value.

A key focus of The Succession Fund™ is providing family business owners with the ability to achieve partial liquidity, so that they can address personal financial objectives without unduly leveraging the balance sheet or selling out prematurely. 

The Succession Fund™ is generating significant interest from investors, business owners and financial intermediaries due to its unique positioning and the pervasive issue of entrepreneur succession planning.  Please contact us.

Larry Klar can be reached at 416-867-8090 and via e-mail at  Please call or visit us at


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