Comic of businessman multitasking with sign reading 'alignment agreement' Comic of businessman multitasking with sign reading 'alignment agreement'

How We Become
Your New Partner

Our Private Company Investing Experience Places Partnership over Ownership

  • We have been investing in private company transactions for more than 25 years.
  • We complete share purchase transactions with discretion, committed capital and speed.
  • Throughout our careers, we have been actively engaged with our owner-manager partners.
  • We pursue the shared objective of building great businesses.
  • Business founders work with us – not for us – which leads to strong alignment and value creation.
  • There is no reason why shareholders in closely held businesses should suffer through dysfunctional business relationships or continue with shareholders that have different views on strategy and execution.
  • We build new private company partnerships based on our Alignment Agreement and Stepped Process.

Alignment Agreement for Private Company Partnerships

All parties will sign an agreement to clearly outline how we will create value throughout the investment.

  • The first step will be to develop a 100-day action plan, which will lead to the joint
    preparation of a strategic business plan.
  • We work with you to build a team that will grow value.
  • Our shared objective is to build a great business that can be sold within a time frame
    agreeable to both partners for a winning return.
Diagram of how The Succession Fund becomes a business partner Diagram of how The Succession Fund becomes a business partner

Set out short term goals and KPI's

Agree on strategy and sign Alignment Agreement

Set out 100-day plan based on review

Begin Templated Diligence Process, if it checks out, make an offer

Initial Due Diligence, review outline of Shareholders Agreement and Alignment Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement signed, review of initial information

Call comes in, qualify over the phone

Our Stepped Process

Investment Criteria

We invest in many types of businesses in a variety of industries and have had successful partnerships with the owner-managers that run them. In an effort to make the process simple, our investment criteria is summarized below:

  • The owner-manager has a significant stake in the company.
  • The owner-manager is seeking a new partner.
  • The enterprise has a value of $5M-$25M and sales of $10M-$50M.
  • The business is in the manufacturing, technology, distribution or service sector.
  • The business is profitable and has been operating for at least three years.
  • The company can either self-finance or obtain third-party financing.
  • We only buy shares that are priced and are for sale.

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